14 Best Things About Tennis Player, Roger Federer

1) The way that he stays calm no matter how close of a match it is.

2) His "smoldering intensity."

3) The fact that he named his trophy from the Australian Open 'Norman.'

4) His backward, between the leg shot.

5) His love for hashtags.

6) His face when he won his first major in five years.

8) How much he loves communicating with his fans.

9) He is the father to twin girls AND twin boys.

10) If he loses a match, his grace and sportsmanship never waivers.

11) He was given a cow named 'Juliette' after he won his first Wimbledon.

12) He has never once retired from a match.

13) He is constantly being goofy and having fun.

14) Even when he was injured and people thought that he was done, he never ever gave up his love for the game, and now he is back and dominating the court once again.

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