Amazon vs Apple What’s the best current company in the technological world?

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Apple is the most profitable company on earth and oftentimes generates more net income in a single quarter than Amazon has in its entire history. So let’s learn which is the best company between Amazon vs Apple.

Apple and Amazon continue to be the subject of much controversy around the world, both industries are two of Wall Street’s heavyweights, and for many years both companies have been the main portfolio of many investors

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All this has led to both companies being the subject of a real debate as to which of the two is the best option in the technological world.

All this has led to the rivalry between the two continue to grow year after year and which has increased in recent months . Especially when Amazon launched its App Store for Android apps, which led to Apple making a lawsuit for trademark infringement

After this, Amazon would also launch two storage services such as Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, both direct competition software for iTunes.

All this has led to the creation of a small rivalry between the two industries , these two being the most important within the United States and outside its borders.

That is why here we are going to show you  which of these two companies is the best currently in the technological world:

Amazon and Apple Is there really a rivalry between the two companies?

amazon vs apple

It is no secret to anyone that the two companies are in direct competition with each other, so a rivalry already known to all has been created. 

That is why on the Amazon website it is difficult to get an Apple product, such as a  Home iPod or Apple Tv.

And it is that both industries are direct competitors in many aspects , that is why Amazon does not offer or sell the product of this other company or at least very rarely can you get any Apple product on its website , unless it is offered by an external seller .

There are currently many similarities between the two , which is how both companies offer cloud storage software, both sell laptops, allow their users to access games, millions of songs, videos, and each has its own virtual application store, And to all this we must add that both have a gigantic customer base.

However, this rivalry may have been beneficial for both companies despite the fact that there have already been legal demands between them

This is because both have cloud storage servers such as iCloud and Cloud Drive, which can end up becoming two platforms that work hand in hand. In addition, it also has its own equipment such as tablets and computers where the market can also be divided.

What are all the products and services that Amazon offers to its customers?

Amazon stands out for offering a large number of products and services to its customers , here you can find practically everything you need at different prices. Where you can find services for independent people, for small, medium and large companies .

With this in mind, here we show you the most important products and services that you will find in the Amazon store:


There is no doubt that this company is one of the most gigantic and powerful in what is electronic commerce , which makes it an excellent option for you to promote your online store at very low prices . 

Currently, there are many companies that are responsible for offering e-commerce so that many people can use their platforms as a boost to success.

Thus, there is no doubt that Amazon has a very important role in this field. However, there are still many doubts when a person wants to open an ecommerce , either due to ignorance of the subject, insecurity to compete with established companies, among many other reasons. 

But, the truth of all this is that this company can currently be used as an aid for electronic e-commerce , to which you can start taking advantage at any time .

 Cloud computing

With this type of service, users can obtain everything they need for instantiation and escalation or maintenance . And is that, thanks to all its services and tools offered to its customers , Amazon has managed to become the undisputed king of all cloud computing services.

Thus, thanks to the cloud services, users of this platform can get a backup of all your information at all times, where customers can receive the widest range of cloud services where you will find all kinds of solutions and tools to carry out your projects.

 Smart speakers

Amazon’s smart speakers have become one of the most important elements of the company and were the ones that gave the outlet to the Amazon Echo, where they were able to create a totally new and innovative product category for their customers

This is how since the launch of these smart speakers they have not stopped growing, and today they are still one of the best-selling products from Amazon.

Currently, there are a large number of speaker models that are capable of covering all the needs of their users

 TV Box Devices

These types of devices offered by Amazon will help you turn your TV into a Smart TV where you can enjoy the best streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO, among others. This is how these types of devices will make your old and normal TV have advanced functions without the need for you to purchase a new smart TV.

TV Box devices will make your normal TV start to have smart functions, for this it offers you an operating system, either Android or Windows, with which you can perform all the functions you perform from your smartphone or computer . A great way to enjoy your favorite movies and series from a better comfort .


The services of VOD (Video-on-demand), video on demand have become one of the most recent services offered by this company. In this case, users must make a subscription payment to be able to enjoy certain content when and where it is personalized, so they can access their favorite programs whenever they want.

Since its launch, more and more users have been paying for this service, which is why it is becoming stronger . This is how Amazon hopes that with its VOD service the entertainment of the future will pass through it . However, it is important to mention that its content is still in English , at least the vast majority.

List of all Apple products and services to its users and customers

Apple has been characterized during all this time by offering a large number of products and services to its customers , which is how Amazon offers excellent tools with which users can obtain very good experiences. In this way, we show you the most important Apple products and services today.

 Operating systems

Apple is primarily characterized by offering an operating system for Mac computers and an operating system for iOS mobile devices . This is how it offers its clients a set of computer system programs that are capable of managing hardware resources and in turn provide a service to the software . Currently it handles various types of operating systems such as OS X, iOS, watchOS and TvOS.

 Computers and mobiles

Another of the great advantages of the Apple company is that you offer your customers the opportunity to have both smart mobile devices such as desktops and laptops , thus allowing them to have a complete experience in every way. These devices are designed to offer a large number of tools to each of the users so that they can meet each of their needs.

Currently on the market you can find a wide variety of Apple computers and smartphones at very good prices , thus being available to everyone. In addition, these types of equipment have very advanced functionalities that will allow you to live a truly unique and very professional experience .


Gadgets have become one of the newest devices on the market. In general, all those technological devices that are quite small in size are called that, such as iPods, smart watches, smartphones, remote controls, among others.

This is how the Apple company is responsible for offering the best devices of this type, and so in 2010 this American company managed to position four of its products among the top positions. Some of its most important gadgets have been the iPad, MacBook Air, Apple TV and iPhone 4.

All these teams and many more have managed to position Apple as one of the best companies when offering gadgets as one of the best solutions for the needs of human beings .


It also has a large number of applications available to its users in its virtual App Store, here you can get programs of all kinds, either to modify the appearance of the computer or mobile, download music, games, edit photos, graphic design, Photoshop, among many other software that you will find there available.

In the Apple virtual store, users can find a large number of free applications that will help them add extra functions to their device. 

There are also paid apps that generally tend to be a little more advanced and have a greater number of features available to customers. However, both options become an excellent alternative to get more out of each of these teams .

 Software and Tools

This technology industry has as its main objective when creating software to focus on a type of person, this being one of the reasons why all the products and services offered by them are intuitive and simple . This is how the creation of all these tools is mainly based on the needs of the human being .

This is how all the clients of this company will be able to enjoy exceptional experiences through each of the apps developed , where you can find softwares that will help you achieve greater productivity in your day-to-day life. All these softwares are developed by the company’s internal staff , as well as by some third-party developers specialized in the area.

 Cloud computing

Apple’s cloud storage was introduced in 2011, since then it was known as iCloud , thus becoming a service that enriches the customer experience with each of the products offered by the company. All this thanks to each of the cloud services that it offers users.

iCloud works under a data center that is used to centralize all the capabilities of its service. Where the user mainly seeks to achieve easy management of all their information and data. This is how this tool complies with all aspects of Cloud computing .

It is important to mention that iCloud is managed with certain exclusivity , and which is necessary to be able to access the company’s services . This is how this tool offers its customers a quantity of 5 GB of cloud storage, where they can save files, information, documents, multimedia files , among many others.

 Smart Speakers

The HomePod is currently known as the smart speaker of this company, which is capable of adapting to any condition and place in order to offer you sound with excellent quality and high fidelity at all times . This is how users can count on Apple Music and Siri to discover new songs and listen to music at home.

These smart speakers also allow you and your whole family to be able to carry out certain specific tasks in   a simpler way, as well as to control the home automation system with just your voice. What becomes an excellent alternative for the clients of this company .

 TV Box Devices

It is worth mentioning that these TV Box devices from the Apple company not only work with their devices , but have allowed them to be compatible with products from other manufacturers , this in order that it can be available to everyone regardless of whether or not they have products of their brand. 

The purpose of these devices is to turn your TV into a Smart Tv, this is how this product will help you achieve more advanced programming where you can enjoy streaming series and movies.

Apple TV is characterized by that much of its content is available in Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos Sound, HDR and 4K, where you can enjoy series and movies at maximum resolution , but for this you need to have a television and streaming devices compatible with the tool.

Amazon vs Apple Which company has the best services and products online?

As previously mentioned in the post, both US companies have a large number of very similar online services and products, these are due to the fact that both are direct competition that compete to see which of the two companies manages to capture the most attention of the clients and in the end see who manages to collect the most money .

That is why here we are going to show you the differences between each of the similar services offered by both technology industries:

 Alexa vs Siri

Today smart speakers are one of the best-selling technology gadgets worldwide, especially as it brings a wealth of benefits to every user . This is how Apple’s Siri became the first voice assistant to hit the market . Some time later , Amazon did not want to be left behind and also launched Alexa , which is integrated into the Amazon Echo . Accordingly, here we are going to explain what each one of them is.


Siri was the first voice assistant to appear on the market, however, being an Apple device, it has many limitations , including compatibility with other devices from other manufacturers. In this way, the assistant is compatible with around 250 technological devices . 

This is because those devices that want to connect to the speaker must meet certain encryption requirements that are required by that company.

One of the most important factors of Siri is its security, since it respects the user’s privacy at all times , something that does not happen entirely with Alexa, where users are directed to advertising, product sales or other commercials.  

This is because Apple does not use users’ personal data, which prevents it from being used to offer advertisements to people.

Some of the limitations is that this company only has the HomePod , so you will have to make compulsory use of it if you want to subscribe to Apple Music for example or any other tool compatible with the voice assistant , since this will allow you to get the make the most of these elements .


Alexa was launched long after Siri, and it has been one of the big bets on Amazon that has included a series of features to make it the best smart speaker on the market

Alexa is integrated into Echo devices and there are currently more than 28,000 devices compatible with this tool. Unlike Siri, Alexa is compatible with other manufacturers, that is how there are currently more than 4,500 manufacturers that use it.

This assistant can be included in different gadgets such as switches, light bulbs, plugs, among others. In addition, Amazon has a large catalog of Echo devices for the home , further expanding its usability. 

To further expand the market, there are more than 100 non-Amazon devices that allow Alexa to be controlled, thus allowing them to reach a greater number of users than in the case of Siri.

 Amazon Fire vs Apple TV

With technological advances, most of the new televisions have intelligent functions that allow users to live a better experience in it, whether it be enjoying streaming series and moviesdownloading content from the Internet, among many tools that you can use. 

However, it is important to mention that not all people have a Smart TV, but without a normal TV.

For these types of users, there are both Apple TV and Amazon Fire devices, which will allow them to access streaming services and thus be able to enjoy all the functions of a Smart TV , this undoubtedly becomes an economic saving since the user will not have to purchase a last generation TV to enjoy these services. 

That is why below, we show you the main differences between both devices .

Amazon Fire Vs Apple TV
characteristics  Amazon FireApple tv
Price60 dollars150 – 200 dollars
Operating systemAndroid – Fire OS 6tvOS
Form factorDomgle HDMIFix the box on top
External storageNoNo
ProcessorAmlogic S905ZA10X
Dolby AtmosYesNo
Dolby VisionNoYes
ResolutionUp to 4KUp to 4K
Bluetooth outputYesYes
Remote controlYesYes

Another important factor to take into account is the library of each of them, in the case of Apple this is huge , which will allow users to get a large amount of content at all times . 

But, it is also important to mention that Amazon is not far behind, since it also has a very large library that does not have much to envy to that of Apple TV.

Intelligence is another factor to consider , since these devices must be smart and connected . In the case of Apple TV, it has the incorporation of Siri, here you can perform several functions , but not the same as if you perform both on your smartphone and tablet. 

On the other hand, Amazon Fire has Alexa , where almost all the functions of the assistant will work correctly for you here , this gives you the possibility of giving  orders to your TV to show you exactly what you want to see.

 Apple TV + vs Amazon Prime Video

Apple finally managed to join the video transmission market , that is how it joined the Apple TV + from November 2019, where it has begun to offer this new service in order to provide greater entertainment to each of its users.

That is why today we are going to make a small comparison between what is Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV +, in order that you can decide which of the two is best for you:

 Number of TV programs offered by each of them

In the case of Apple TV + it has been designed only to transmit original content, that is, you cannot get old series or movies here . In this case, you will only be able to access those titles that are brand new or just launched on the market , which makes it a more demanding and much more privileged service .

According to this, the library of this service is not usually that large , where you can find very little content since it will depend on all the programs that are launched at the moment.

In the case of Prime Video, it  already has many more years in the market and it has a large amount of TV content , thus being about three times larger than that of TV + . Therefore, here you will have the opportunity to find a large number of interesting titles with which you can have fun times.

 Reliability of services

Both companies are currently the two largest in the United States , and are highly recognized worldwide, so neither will close and will  leave you penniless

This means that both services are totally reliable . In the case of Prime Video, it has an excellent quality in its Internet connection , which allows its clients to have a stable connection and enjoy an excellent quality of service.

In the case of TV + it is usually a little more robust, but in the same way, being from the Apple company, it ensures what is a high reliability in each of its services.


Compatibility is very important in these cases, as we already know Apple is a little more limited in this type of thing, this is how TV + is available in a small range of devices so it cannot be used in all. In the case of Android devices it does not work , it is usually used on iPads, iPods, iPhones, Macs, Apple TVs and some other devices developed by third parties.

While in the case of Prime Video they are available on a large number of Android mobile devices , as well as almost all smart TVs on the market . Which gives you greater ease of use.

 The price

Something that can not be missed is the cost of the service of each of them, in the case of TV + this service has a value of 4.99 dollars per month. For the advantages of the users, sometimes for the purchase of any other Apple device they can receive up to 1 month completely free of TV +.

In the case of Amazon Prime, this service has a value of 5.99 dollars and is purchased as an Amazon subscription. It offers a 30-day free trial so that customers can test their services before starting to pay.

 Number of devices per subscription

In the case of TV +, they have the possibility of sharing a single subscription with their entire family group, in this case a maximum of six family members are allowed where they will have a simultaneous transmission  of the content being viewed.

While Amazon Prime Video can be shared with another adult person as long as an Amazon Home is set up . This allows up to a total of three programs or movies to be streamed simultaneously , and the same title can be streamed to only two devices at the same time.

 Amazon Cloud vs iCloud

In this case it is important to start with a small comparison between the two, and as you already know, both cloud storage services offer each of their users a 5GB free storage space that they can use to save files, photos, videos. , images, music, data and any other type of information.

In the event that this storage space is not enough, users will have to pay more in both services to increase the amount of available space. 

If we compare both companies, Amazon manages lower and more accessible prices, thus the user will pay 1 dollar per GB, that is, if he wants to increase 50GB, he must cancel 50 dollars per month and so on.

While in the case of Apple this changes a bit and is that this service here is usually a little more expensive. In this case, the client must cancel 20 dollars to receive 15 more GB of storage per month . And so on, depending on the amount of memory you want to expand.

 Compatibility with other equipment of the company

One of the biggest advantages of cloud services is that users can access all their information from different computers

This is how in the case of iCloud it can be run on all Apple devices, this means that the songs you buy in iTunes can be stored in iCloud and thus be able to play them on any of your iOS devices.

The same happens in the case of Amazon, where all the files purchased through the company’s official store can be stored in the Amazon Cloud and accessed from any computer.

However, if you compare the two services, it is important to mention that Apple is far better than Amazon in this regard , especially because it has iTunes Match, which will allow the customer to scan all music in your library and try to search all the iCloud database where it has more than 18 million titles available.

Objectives of each company Which has had the best decade in its niches?

Each one of this company has its very clear objectives since its inception , and which have been increasing or changing according to the needs of the clients and due to the same competition that exists today in the market. This is how we are going to show you the objectives of these two companies and what their best times have been.


This American company has had incredible growth since its inception, thus managing to find the basis of stabilization within electronic commerce . Since its inception, its main focus has been to offer customers products that are truly interesting and capable of capturing the attention of anyone.

During its first year the results obtained were truly surprising , where its sales grew 838%, all this led to the employee base in 1997 growing from 158 to a total of 614, thus opening a great source of employment in that country. While distribution capacity would grow from 50,000 feet to 285,000 feet.

All this has become something that year after year has been surpassing itself, and so much so that currently one of the main objectives of this industry is to become a giant of electronic commerce with audiovisual content, wanting to dominate this point and thus be able to become the largest provider of the raises.

Thanks to all the efforts to want to continue being the best in everything it offers, the year 2017 was considered one of the most successful for the company, where it obtained more than 4 million new consumers and also managed to exceed 90 million consumers . All this has allowed the company to continue striving to try to become number one worldwide.


Apple Vice President Jonathan Ive has ensured that Apple’s goal is not to make money but to offer everything necessary to customers so that they can meet each of their needs and all this accompanied by excellent quality in each of the products offered by the brand

It is important to remember that in 1997 the company was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, which led to Jonathan Ive’s reintegration into the company.

Since then, the main objective was not to benefit economically despite the crisis they were going through , but to start developing excellent quality equipment, which could become the best on the market. If this could be established, Jonathan Ive knew that the success of the company would begin to come of its own accord.

Since then and until today, this American company continues to maintain the same objectives where it is mainly based on being able to develop and launch devices that are truly successful and that will continue to be among the first places in the market .

The most successful year of this company was established in 2015 , considered as the fiscal year. At that time, Apple achieved a sales growth of 28% where it managed to invoice around 234,000 million dollars . 

All this was thanks to the work that had been carried out since previous years in order to create the best and most innovative products that could be offered in the world market.

Now, you have got the information about the Amazon vs Apple and which is the best among them.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and I’m sure it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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