Working from home – 18 best legitimate work from home jobs in 2022 [Ultimate GUIDE]

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Looking for Best Legitimate Work From Home Jobs that won’t rip you off? Here’s our list of what we believe to be the best work from home jobs that are legitimate and will pay you off well.

Want to get better at working from home? There are many great benefits to working from home. Everything from flexibility to the opportunity to make a lot of extra money.

In this article you will learn the following:
  • 18 legitimate work from home jobs
  • tips on how to make money by working from home
  • 4 different things I do for working from home and make extra money
  • 12 tips on how to maximize work from home
  • … and of course much more!

Through my ultimate guide, you get several specific tips on how to get started today. Feel free to use the quick navigation below to get to the part you are interested in. 

Let’s go!

What does it mean to work from home?

A strong trend in society is that more and more people work from home. Even more dream of having the opportunity to do so. 

It can be anything from being able to work from home with your regular job any day of the week to running your own business that is entirely managed from your home. 

Do you have a regular job that can be done from home, it can be nice to do it sometimes to facilitate your privacy. 

It may be things you need to do or it will be a smoother transition to the weekend when you don’t have to end the week in a car queue.

  • Work how, wherever and whenever you want
  • Your possibilities are endless
  • Work for yourself instead of working for someone else

Start your own business from home

But many also work from home with their own business. It can be a freelance assignment or a project of your own. 

The benefits are clear, you can control your own working hours, you are your own manager and you do not have to commute to work. 

If you work from home it does not have to be from your actual home. It often goes just as well in the summer cottage or in a cafe. 

Many people want to be able to travel and at the same time finance part of their living by working a few hours a day. 

For many, it is an advantage to change the environment and work from different places.

Achieve freedom and choice

A common reason for working from home is freedom. You free up time you would otherwise have spent commuting. 

But you can also control your own work and usually work when it suits you. 

You can save money on eating at home and not at the lunch restaurant. You also save money on not having to go to the workplace. 

It is also easier to get together the life puzzle if you work from home. 

But working from home also has some drawbacks. The biggest is that you do not have any workmates or the social life a job entails. Working from home requires great discipline. 

If you do your regular job from home, you must concentrate on it and not take care of various household chores at the same time. 

If you work as a freelancer or with other own businesses, you are responsible for raising the money you need for your expenses. Freedom under responsibility is a great truth for those who work from home.

It is important to find a balance

It is also too easy to work too much when working at home. You work with something you think is fun and passionate about developing it as much as possible. 

It is important that you take time out for leisure, work out, spend time with friends or do something else. It will also make your work feel good. 

For most people, it is technically easy to work from home or anywhere that suits you well. What is needed is a good internet connection. For most distance jobs, a regular laptop works just fine.

Work from home with something you think is fun

If you work from home, you will miss a lot of the fun in a regular job. It is therefore important that you choose a fun job to work with at home. 

If your main priority is that you really want to work at home, it is still important that you find a job that you enjoy. 

You will probably have to perform it alone for many hours each day. It’s easy to get boring and lonely. Then it makes it easier if your work is fun and you enjoy it.

Interest often wins over finances in the long run

What is fun is an individual question. For many, working with their interests means a lot. They may not care that they spend a lot of time, but the financial gain will be a little less. 

Others appreciate the opportunity to make money wherever they are or when it suits them. They do not think the job itself plays a major role.

It is not impossible to both live on something you think is fun and live a free life. 

In any case, there are numerous opportunities to at least make extra money on something that you think is fun or interesting.

best legitimate work from home jobs

18 Best legitimate work from home jobs

There are many different jobs you can do from home. Some fit better as extra income. If you work from home, you are free to design your income which suits you best. 

Many of the jobs go well with each other, where you can utilize your knowledge and work in several different ways.

Here are legitimate work from home jobs:

  2. funds
  4. affiliate Marketing
  5. Become a writer online
  6. Instagram
  7. Youtube
  8. Facebook
  9. podcast
  10. Sell ​​your pictures and photos
  11. Rent out parts of, or all of, your home
  12. Rent out your gadgets
  13. Sell ​​your gadgets at Blocket or Tradera
  14. Conduct paid surveys
  15. Test physical products
  16. Test websites and software
  17. Load audiobooks
  18. chat Operator
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Trading in shares is a popular way to make extra money. Trading in the short term is called day trading or swing trading. 

Then you can make money with a little less capital, but you need to do more business. 

If you have more capital, you can manage it by analyzing and investing in companies that you think are better in the longer term. 

Whatever strategy you use, it is important that you can control your risk.

2. Funds

An alternative to equities is to invest in mutual funds. It is more suitable for a little more long-term investment. Here you can easily save monthly and automate the entire process. 

This means that you can put money into work for you so you don’t have to spend time working yourself. Your money thus gets to work for you around the clock.

3. Currency trading

An alternative or complement to trading in equities is trading in currencies. The principle is the same, you have to buy something cheap and sell more expensive or vice versa. 

The foreign exchange market has several advantages, it is open 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. You trade leverage, so less equity is required. 

It is important to have a clear strategy that you follow with great discipline when you trade in currencies. It is also very important that you can manage your risk.

4. Affiliate marketing through blogs and websites

Affiliate marketing means that those who market a product on the Internet get paid when purchases are made thanks to it. 

If you run a blog, you can write a post where you review a product. 

By linking that product through an affiliate link to an e-retailer, you get commissions when the customer buys the product. 

Affiliate marketing is easy to get started. 

What is required is that you run a blog or website. You get in touch with companies who want to get help marketing their products through affiliate networks.

5. Become a writer online

There is a large market for freelance writers. If you can write in several languages ​​or have a great knowledge of a particular subject, it is good but not necessary. 

You will find your clients through various mediation sites. But also look at forums for entrepreneurs etc. There are also content companies where you can become employed or freelance at.

6. Instagram

It is not only young girls who show today’s fashion that can make money on Instagram. 

If you have knowledge in a particular area or special interest, you can convey important and interesting content there. 

Everything doesn’t have to be pretty pictures either. Both graphics and moving images work. 

Instagram is great to combine with affiliate marketing. It is also possible to sell sponsored posts to various companies.

7. Youtube

If you dream of becoming a TV star, Youtube is just the right channel for you. Youtube is the world’s leading video and motion picture platform. 

Here everything is needed from professional productions to families’ holiday movies. 

If you know something special or have a great interest in something, you can create your own YouTube channel about it. 

If you do it in English, you have the whole world as your market. 

You make money through YouTube’s own advertising program, partnerships with various companies or affiliate marketing.

8. Facebook

Making money on Facebook works much like on other social media. You are building a page or group with specific content. 

Unique and quality content is important in all channels on the internet, including Facebook. 

Mainly, you make money through ads or affiliates, but there is also the opportunity to do so through partnerships with companies.

9. Podcast

A product that has grown ever stronger in recent years is podcast. 

It is a form of a pre-recorded radio program that is transmitted through one of the podcast platforms available on the internet. 

There is a podcast about everything, such as travel, shares or unsolved murders. 

If you have a special interest or opportunity to produce quality content, you can do so in a podcast. 

You make money by sponsoring your podcast or affiliate marketing.

10. Sell your pictures and photos

There are plenty of companies and others who need to illustrate their websites with pictures. 

Some take them for themselves, but it is also common to buy pictures through various image services on the internet. 

If you are good at taking pictures, you can sell them through these image services. 

Today you do not need any special expensive equipment to take pictures you can sell. But you have to be good at taking technically perfect pictures. 

Unique and high quality is also important when it comes to selling your images.

11. Rent out parts or all of your home

If you have space over in your home, you can make some extra money from renting out a room or floor. 

You can also cut your own costs by sharing Netflix or internet subscriptions with the tenant, for example. 

During holidays or major holidays you can rent out your entire home. You can take the opportunity to travel yourself during the time. 

Your rental income will finance part of your travel expenses. 

Do you live in, for example, a college resort with many people moving in every year, maybe they pay to buy an apartment to rent?

12. Rent out your gadgets

There are many gadgets that are excellent for renting. If you have good camera equipment you can rent it to someone who is going on a special trip. 

Good tools can be rented out to anyone who wants to renovate their house. 

Slightly bigger things that are in demand for renting are caravans or boats. 

It might even pay off to buy a certain gadget and get good returns by renting it out.

13. Sell your gadgets

Most of us have far too many things and clothes. The basement, garage and wardrobes are full. Most things can be sold. 

The money you get makes better use of you by investing them If you are good at carpentry, sewing or anything else you can manufacture things and sell on various sites.

14. Perform paid surveys

Companies want to know more about what we consumers think. Some go through market research companies that pay for you to answer questions. 

The payment can be a small amount of money, gift certificate or something else. 

You can sign up for various companies that arrange investigations. When there is a survey that fits your profile, you get a suggestion about it and what you get in compensation.

15. Test physical products

Do you think it’s fun to try new gadgets? Some companies want the consumer’s opinion on products. 

They offer paid to test their products and give a review. For that, you get paid and sometimes keep the product you tested.

16. Test websites and software

Are you interested in web design and programming? Are you also careful and like to try to find flaws with something. 

Then testing websites and software can be a good job for you. Companies want their websites and programs to be flawless and useful.

17. Load Audiobooks

The audiobook market is exploding. Someone should load them. The most famous books are sometimes read by celebrities. 

But there are great opportunities to work as a freelance reader. 

It is important that you have a good voice and talent for reading in a listener-friendly way.

18. Chat operator

Some companies use freelancers to manage some of their customer contacts. It may be to reply to messages or chat on their website. 

There are also those who outsource all or part of the customer service to freelancers. 

I work from home with the following four things

I work many hours a week and often land at around an estimated 60-70 hours. But I think it’s fun and I see it more as a hobby.

In order to make extra money in addition to my salary, I use the following ways to get a return and make extra money:

  1. affiliate Marketing
  3. funds
  4. P2P Loans

It gives me an estimated double income compared to just living on the income from wages every year.


An extra income from work from home can give you a golden edge on life

Working extra from home doesn’t have to feel as burdensome as a regular job. 

If you do something you think is fun and can work with it when it suits you, it will be quite easy to earn money. You also do your job in a place you like. 

Hopefully you have the opportunity to control what you want to do with the extra money you earn. 

If you have unnecessary loans or similar, it may be good to start by settling them for the money you have earned extra. After that, you can prioritize what you want to do both now and in the future.

What would you do if you had made extra money yourself?

Then you can use the extra income for something really special you want to do. Or better yet, learn the benefits of saving and investing. 

A good economy with investments in, for example, shares that will give you additional income will benefit you in the future. It gives you a further golden edge on your free life. 

You build a good economy in the long term. But don’t forget to treat yourself to things from time to time. Hard work will pay off. 

Don’t just set long-term goals with your investments, it’s good to have short-term goals to look forward too.

Why work from home and make extra money?

If you have the time and opportunity, an extra income is always welcome. It may feel better to do something useful that makes you money than to watch any meaningless series on television. 

Try to find work that you think is fun and that you can work with when it suits you. 

The money you earn extra you must manage well. Maybe you save for something special or you invest them for the future. 

An advantage of working extra from home is that you can perform the tasks when and where it suits you. 

It will not be as much effort as you need to commute to a job with fixed working hours. If you also work with something you think is fun, it may not at all feel like a job.

Work harder now for a better economy in the future

What you build up now in the form of extra income, a good economy and savings you will benefit from in the future. 

If you have both a regular job today and at the same time earn extra from working from home, you may one day be able to fully feed yourself from working from home. 

Ask yourself what you want to be in life in 5.10 or 25 years? Many would certainly like to be free and financially secure. Start building for it already today.

Secure your and your family’s finances

A good economy gives you and your family security. But it also gives you the freedom to do what you really want. 

Working extra and seeking new income is the right attitude and a good start. 

Are some of the income that is not directly generated when you work with them, you have come a long way. 

Such income is, for example, affiliate marketing and dividends from shares. 

It is important that the money you earn extra does not go to unnecessary consumption. 

Make a budget of your expenses. Do you spend money on things you don’t really think are necessary? Cut down on those costs. 

When you sum up your income, both your regular salary and what you earn extra, they should suffice for much more than your costs. 

What remains when the costs are deducted, you must save and invest.

Build an economic buffer

You must have a financial buffer. Sad things can happen that you need to fix quickly. It may be to buy a new refrigerator or repair the car. 

If you only live on your own business, it can sometimes be worse times and you earn less. 

You can also get sick. Therefore, it is important to have a safe saving for such events. 

It is also important that you review your pension savings. If you work as your own entrepreneur or freelance you will not receive any occupational pension. Set aside long-term savings for it. 

Now you can start with your fun savings and investments. It can be a cash bet on a house, next winter vacation or something else important and fun. 

But you also need savings in the slightly longer term. Build investments that can give you a golden edge a little further in life. Imagine being able to leave for a year and go around the world.

Make dream trips for your extra income

You will soon get tired of working and saving if you have no goals. A prerequisite for succeeding in building a good economy is that you are disciplined. 

By having achievable both short-term and long-term goals, it is easier to stick to your plan. 

Why not have a wonderful dream trip as a destination? If you have an organized economy, think healthy when it comes to savings and work extra, it doesn’t have to be that far away. 

If it is a journey you really want to make, there is no big sacrifice to work extra and keep down on other expenses to reach your goal faster.

Set goals and dreams

Do you dream of a really cool trip later in life? Nothing is impossible. Make a good plan, have intermediate goals and work hard for it. 

Celebrate when you reach the goal. It is a wonderful feeling when you have reached the goal you have worked hard for and can finally accomplish your dream trip! 

Goals and dreams are important when you save, but it is also important to celebrate when you reach a goal you saved for. 

When you reach your destination, make sure you really make that trip you saved.

The opportunity to live life just the way you want

An organized economy starts with the best possible income. If you then make a wise budget where you keep track of your expenses, you get money over saving and investing. 

It gives you great financial freedom. If you have the opportunity to support yourself through freelance work, you are also both time and place independently. 

You then have every opportunity to live your life as freely as possible and as you wish. A healthy attitude to work, finances and time gives you many benefits in life. 

It is not impossible for anyone who wants to achieve it. But it takes discipline, a good plan and hard work to do it.

Set up rules to find a good balance

It is natural that you always strive for more. But if you have reached a good balance in income, good finances and freedom, you have come further than many can only dream of. 

Maybe you feel that you have to give up something in your life to be able to live freely? It might be worth it, when you are free and control your life the way you want. Enjoy what you have and your situation.


This is how you can make even more money from working from home

It is important to think about new paths and try new opportunities to make more money. Do you spend a lot of time and are well-read about investing in mutual funds? 

Why not blog about it? You can then make extra money on affiliate marketing and sponsored articles. 

Then you learn affiliate marketing and you can create more websites for it. 

A big advantage of working from home is that many projects are simple and inexpensive to start. 

You can test what works. You can run them in simple corporate forms as an individual company or invoice as self-employed. What prevents you from starting to make money from home today?

Let your income work for you

When you make extra money, it’s important to invest them right. Your money should work for you and give you good returns. 

There are different ways to invest your money so that they generate returns for you. 

The money you invest you want a good return on. It is impossible to get a return without taking a risk with them. 

Learn how to manage risk, so you have the opportunity to get a good return on your money.

Think about the risk

One way to manage your risk is to spread your investments. You can invest them in different ways in P2P loans and shares. 

When you buy shares, you do so in different companies in different industries and in several markets. 

Reading and understanding what you invest in is also a way to manage your risk. 

Another way to manage risk is to save and invest regularly. If you have an income from extra work at home, invest immediately when you receive it. 

You will sometimes buy cheap, sometimes expensive. In the long run, you have a good opportunity to get a good return on your money.

Invest in equities and funds

Historically, equities have been the best way to invest to grow their money. The reason is simple. By buying shares, you become part-owner of a company. 

Companies generate profits that will benefit the partners. This is partly because companies are growing and share prices are rising. 

But many companies also give part of their profits to shareholders as a dividend. 

If you sell all or part of your shares in a company where the price has gone well, you have made a profit. 

If you invest the money in another company that you think will go well, the money will grow further. 

The same applies if you reinvest the dividend you received. The principle is called interest on the interest effect. 

It is a magical principle that will help your capital grow more and faster. 

Interest-on-interest is so amazing that Albert Einstein is said to have called it the world’s eighth wonder.

It is important to have a strategy

It is important that you have a strategy when investing in shares. Some want to invest in smaller growth companies. 

It requires that you have a great interest in analyzing those companies and are long-term. 

Others think that companies that can be expected to give good dividends now and in the future feel better to invest in.

In between, there are many different strategies. The most important thing is that you invest in a way that you are confident with and understand what you are investing in. 

Even after you have invested in a share, it is important that you have a plan for it. 

You obviously need to know why you invested in it. What do you do if it loses value? What is your goal with the investment?

Investing means that you have to put your capital at risk

There is always a risk involved in investing in shares. You can reduce it by investing in several different stocks, in different industries and markets. 

Being read and understanding what you are investing in is also a way to reduce your risk.

Do you think stocks seem complicated to invest in, or do you not have enough time for that? Then funds are an excellent alternative. 

There are many funds to choose from. It’s easy to get lost in the large fund offering. 

The established online brokers have good tools for choosing funds that are right for you and the risk you are willing to take.

Combine investing in equities with investing in mutual funds. Funds allow you to reach many interesting markets that are difficult to invest in otherwise. 

It can be exciting emerging markets, commodities or something else.

Invest in P2P loans

A relatively new way of investing is so-called P2P loans. On so-called P2P platforms, individuals meet who want to borrow or lend money. 

The P2P platforms mediate the loans between them. The money you lend is distributed among many different borrowers to reduce your risk. 

Investing in various alternative assets such as P2P loans is a good way to spread your risks. 

The percentage of different assets you should have in your portfolio of investments depends on a lot. 

How long do you save?

How do you view risk? 

What areas do you like the most? 

It is important that you sleep well at night and do not think about whether you invested right or wrong. Most people use to invest in P2P loans.

Interest in making money online is growing avalanche

More and more people are realizing their dream of being able to work and earn money online and from home. 

Of course, technological development has facilitated this trend. But also both the employer and the employee’s view of work and how it should be performed. 

Many are attracted by freedom. To control their life and get together the life puzzle. But also getting to work with something they think is fun. 

Many want to be able to run their own project, become head of themselves and build something for their own future.

Great opportunities are offered online

The opportunity to start and run own projects, especially online, has also greatly contributed to the trend of working from home. 

With small investments, anyone with a piece of special knowledge or interest can make money from it by starting a blog or YouTube channel. 

For those who aim to work freely and with their own business, it has never been easier than today to do so. 

It is not easy to succeed, you have a piece of special knowledge or skills that facilitates it. 

But the most important thing is that you have the will and want to work hard to succeed. 

Being fully or partially self-sustaining by making money online and working from home allows you to choose the life you want to live. 

Do you want to live far out in the country or travel while you work? There are many opportunities.

Don’t miss my great guide

Do you want to make money when it suits you and wherever you are in the world? Find the best tips in my guide to making money online!


Benefits of working from home

The absolute greatest advantage of working from home is your freedom. You can work whenever you want, as long as your work is done. 

Do you like to start working early in the morning to have time with something else later in the day is no problem. 

By working from home, you can customize your family life the way you want. 

You do not have to pick up tired children in kindergarten after a long day at work. They can come home sooner and you get more time together. 

Some things in the home and in the household can be nice to take care of during the day. 

Instead, you can spend extra time at work morning or evening. Customize life according to how you want to live it and not your needs!

Keep in mind that a good connection and a computer are often the only things needed

The vast majority of work you can do from home can be done where there is good internet. 

It may be at your favorite cafe or why not when you meet in spring in southern Europe. 

By working from home, you also have the opportunity to cut down on your expenses. 

You don’t need a car to commute. Do you need a car at all? You can also opt-out of having lunch in town, making home cooking much cheaper.


One of the major disadvantages of working from home is that you do not have any work mates to spend time with. 

You have no one to talk to at the coffee break or to discuss how to set up your work with. To avoid this, you can seek out other freelancers and work with them in a cafe or at each other’s homes. 

No matter how you run your own business, you are responsible for collecting the income you need. If you do not do well enough, it is you who is affected. 

If you are at home and working, it may be easy to see the work that needs to be done at your home. Laundry to be washed or the breakfast counter to be taken care of. 

When you work, you have to work. It is great to do everyday chores day time but set aside time for work and time when you need to do something else. It’s easy to get distracted and want to do many things at once.

Important with a work schedule and boundaries

If you work with something you think is fun, it is easy for it to be too much work. 

Every free moment you sit down with your project. It is important to be free sometimes, do something different or spend time with friends. 

Although an important part of your choice of working from home is that you want to be free, it is important to find the right balance. 

Make a plan over your day or week, when to work and when you plan to do something completely different. 

As a freelance or self-employed person, you also do not have the safety net that regular employees have. Remember to spend money if you get sick or your business goes bad for a while. 

It is also important that you look over your pension. As a freelance or self-employed person, you have no occupational pension. 

There are certainly many drawbacks to working from home. But if you give priority to freedom and to control your life, you will also learn to deal with those disadvantages.


One risk of working from home is that you do not build up the contact network that a regular job entails. 

In a regular workplace, you come into contact with other companies and their employees. You may not do that when you run your own project from home. 

Build your own network with other freelancers, those who work at home or others you can exchange experiences with. 

Whatever you work with, you must further your education. If you are an employee, your employer will arrange opportunities for it. 

Even if what you work from home with is just an extra job, you must follow the technology development to be able to make money from it in the future. 

Keep track of your competitors and see how they develop. How can you be better than them?

Build a plan to resolve any obstacles

If you work as a freelance or as a self-employed person in some other way, you yourself are responsible for how it works if you fall ill, pension insurance and other things. 

Many of the jobs that can be done at home are based on today’s technology and trends. How do you handle them if they change? 

Think about different situations that can occur, illnesses, you make less money or something else. Make a plan for how to avoid as many problems as possible. 

But also make sure you know what to do if any of it happens. In order to feel free and independent when you run your own business, you must also feel safe!

12 tips for maximizing work from home

If you are going to start working from home, you will soon notice that there are a few obstacles on the road to maximize efficiency and thus get something done. I work from home for about 20-30 hours a week.

Here are 10 important tips for those working from home:
  1. Your workplace at home is important – preferably in a secluded room and not in the living room/kitchen
  2. Be well organized – don’t get rid of the order just because you work from home
  3. Use a good internet to maximize efficiency
  4. Use ergonomic chairs and desks to work full days without tiring on the body – I use a high and lowerable desk, ergonomic office chair and a Standup work mat (strong recommendation if you need to get up)
  5. Invest in good technology – you can both increase efficiency and productivity by using good computers and accessories
  6. Minimize distracting moments – do not sit in the living room and have the TV running, you will be disturbed many times each day
  7. Take advantage of breaks and breaks – feel free to take a short walk outdoors for 20 minutes to increase energy and productivity levels further
  8. Use the walks to socialize with friends or through a simple phone call
  9. Take mini-breaks every 60-90 minutes – walking up and downstairs in the house may be enough to get blood circulation up and increase energy levels
  10. Structure and plan the day in advance – and most importantly, follow it!
  11. Take the job seriously even if it’s away from home – dress like you’re going to an office and you’ll produce much better than staying in the morning robe for half the day
  12. Set short and long goals and “celebrate” when you reach them


I have discussed with you best legitimate work from home jobs in 2022. I have also shown you advantages and disadvantages of working from home.

If you found the post helpful and informative then consider it sharing with your friends who are also looking for best legitimate work from home jobs in 2022.

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