7 signs that you’re ready for a full-time freelance career

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In this article, I will show you 7 signs that you are ready for a full-time freelance career.

You probably have an office job where you are earning well, but something inside tells you that there is more employment aside from “full-time work.”

Sure you have heard about freelance jobs and how they can replace your current income (or even exceed it), then you think: “it would be great to work independently”.

You start working as a freelancer and you get your first client. It pays you for your first service and you feel immense satisfaction, so you want to do it again. Then you think, what if I do it full time?

freelance career

The idea of ​​seeing yourself having a cup of coffee at the kitchen table while working from your laptop is more attractive than the daily commitment in the office.

Without a boss, without long hours or dress rules, and without having to leave the house. Most of the time, doing the work you love.

This not only allows you to exploit your full potential, but it fills you with personal satisfaction and motivation.

Signs that you are ready for a Full-time freelance career

So are you ready to take the leap? Here are some things to help you decide.

1. You have enough money in the bank

Your savings account is decent and has enough so that you can stay for 6 months or a year in case you don’t get clients as a freelancer. 

This is important even if your career as a freelancer begins to take off.

It is normal to have periods with a lot of work and others with little or almost no work. In any case, financial support is always good.

2. You have some clients waiting

When you quit your normal job, you no longer have a fixed income. So, if you already have clients with whom you work part-time, who will pay for your freelance work, and you are sure that you can depend on them, it is a safe situation to dedicate yourself to being a full-time freelancer.

If you have a few clients to start with, this will make your first few months less stressful.

3. You are extremely unhappy with your normal job

You don’t quit a job just because you don’t like it. But if you are at a point where you have lost motivation, are no longer productive, and are indifferent to your company’s goals, then it is better to give up.

Ask yourself if this feeling has anything to do with your desire to start working as a full-time freelancer.

4. The idea of ​​working independently excites you more than it scares you

If you feel excited and motivated to become a full-time freelancer, then this may be what you need to do. You just have to do it.

You know it can be a risk, but it’s something you have to be willing to do. 

This is when you know if you are serious about doing something you are passionate about.

You should have no problem leaving your comfort zone because of the uncertainty that awaits you.

5. You have years of experience in your field

As a new freelancer, you may face stiff competition from others who have been doing the same for years. It may take time to find your first customers.

One way to excel is to show that you are already an expert in your field or niche before you start. This knowledge will make you stand out and give you an advantage, even without previous experience as a freelancer.

6. You know it won’t be easy

While you may be attracted to the advantage of working from home, you are aware of the hard work that comes with this responsibility.

You know that working independently means that you will be running your own business. You must have a plan to grow your business and increase your income to its maximum potential.

7. You have family and friends who support you

Freelance work takes a lot of time. Having friends and family who respect and understand the nature of your work is essential to your success.

Your personal life should not distract you, but motivate you to achieve your goals.

Being a full-time freelance worker is not for everyone and there is no need to rush when it is your turn to decide if it is for you.

Take your time to consider its advantages and disadvantages.

The most important thing when working freelance full time is that you only do it if it is your passion, something you can imagine doing for the rest of your professional life.

So this was all about signs that you are ready for a full-time freelance career.

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