What is a YouTube Highlighted Comment? Explained in Detail

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Are you searching for YouTube Highlighted Comments? 

If yes, then you are in the right place, because in this article I will explain what is a highlighted comment on YouTube?

I will also explain to you how highlighted comments on YoutTube works, what are its features and benefits. 

Youtube comment

What is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube?

A Youtube Highlighted comment is a comment that you view from a notification link. If you are running a YouTube Channel, you can easily moderate the comments from YouTube Studio. 

If you click on a comment from the comments section of YouTube Studio then the comment will be open on YouTube.com and display the phrase as a “highlighted comment.”

how Youtube comments looks like

I am using a comment from the YouTube Studio of my Youtube Channel to explain the concept so that you can easily understand it. 

For example if you receive a YouTube comment notification via email, and when you click on the comment link, on YouTube, it will be displayed as a highlighted comment as well. 

That means a Youtube highlighted comment is the comment which was opened via a link outside the YouTube.

The Screenshot below is from the Rawat Tech Help’s YouTube Studio dashboard. See, when I hover over the video in which a user commented on, it displays a link icon. To open the user’s comment on YouTube, I click on the link.

What is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube?

Now, when the comment opens on YouTube.com, it will be displayed there as a highlighted comment.

Below you can see the screenshot of the highlighted portion.

The reason it is highlighted is to make it easy for me to understand that the comment I opened from a notification link. 

How Youtube highlighted comment looks like

Do you know?

YouTube also displays highlighted reply. It works exactly the same way as the highlighted comment. The only difference between highlighted comment or highlighted reply is, highlighted reply is a comment on which someone left as a reply to a comment. 

The important thing to understand is that a comment displays a highlighted reply if you open the reply via a notification link. 

In the screenshot below, the comment is displayed as a highlighted reply because I clicked on the link from the reply I posted to a user’s comment left on Rawat Tech Help YouTube channel. 

Youtube highlited reply

Finally, you have understood what is a lighted comment on YouTube? In this section I will summarise some of the awesome features and benefits of YouTube Highlighted comments.

Features and Benefits of YouTube Highlighted Comment

What is a YouTube Highlighted Comment
  1. A Comment on YouTube will be displayed as highlighted, if you open it through a notification link. Either from YouTube Studio or from an email that you have received. 
  2. The main purpose of highlighted comments on YouTube is to make it easy for you to identify the comment which opened through a link you clicked. 
  3. Highlighting a YouTube comment you opened via a link is very useful and easy to differentiate the comment from other comments.
  4. The phase highlighted comment, displayed on the top of the comment and this is only visible to you.No other YouTube users can see this, except the user also opened the comment through a notification link. 
  5. As I have already mentioned YouTube also has a highlighted reply. And it is similar to the highlighted comment as it is also a YouTube comment that you opened though a link. The only difference between highlighted comment and highlighted reply is that highlighted comment is an original comment while highlighted reply is a reply to a comment.

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