How to study and work as a freelancer [5 tips to help]

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In this article, I will show you how to study and work as a freelancer

Studying and working for a company can be difficult, but not impossible, the challenge for any student who is determined to do both at the same time. 

In recent years, working methods have been evolving thanks to the Internet. This has been the lifeline for many of us.

Not everyone felt comfortable to mobilizing an office, meeting a work schedule, then going to school and doing homework assignments – a whole routine -. 

How to study and work as a freelancer

It takes a while to adapt to this system (depending on each person, of course), especially if you are starting to work. 

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A work alternative that has become popular in recent years is to work as a freelancer while you study: earn money on your own terms while you study or do some other activity. 

This may be eye-catching for many, because who couldn’t use an extra income or a quick way to earn money ?! 

How to study and work as a freelancer- 5 Amazing tips

But before taking this last option, you should know that, like any job, it requires a certain sacrifice. 

I am sharing 5 tips BEFORE you decide to become a freelancer while you study:

1. Identify what subjects or subjects you are good at

Having your time, working on your own terms and studying without leaving your home sounds very good – especially for introverts -; but after analyzing this scenario you should think about the fields in which you specialize. 

That knowledge can come in handy on tutoring websites that have students hungry for someone to help them with their projects. 

There are many tutoring pages where you could apply such as Studypool and Chegg,   where you receive your payments weekly. 

And if you are bilingual, this automatically becomes a competitive advantage in your favor over single language-speaking tutors.

2. Everything is in the balance

Although it may sound a bit hackneyed and obvious that a 50/50 balance cannot be achieved, try to ensure that your extracurricular work does not prevent you from blurring your studies.

Set your priorities. If you are working to pay for your studies it is obvious that you should not neglect them. Especially when you are in your exam week. 

3. Be organized with your time

You can find many job offers in which you may be tempted to accept. But you can get overwhelmed by the delivery dates or these, even, could collide with each other. 

Being organized makes you more aware of how much time you are spending on each project. 

You can find applications like Eternity Time or Timely to assist you in the distribution of your time. 

Or if you prefer the traditional way: buying an agenda where you record all your projects (whether school or work). 

Finish your work a day before the date set by your client or established by your teacher. 

Trust me it will save you from the inevitable last-minute changes that have to be made.

4. Research the pages for freelancers

From the decisions you make when leaving home to the fruit you want to buy in the supermarket, they require an analysis of any kind. It also works with the places you must choose to work or find a job. Look for reviews of the websites you want to apply to. Other people’s experiences can encourage you to work with these pages. Or also alert you to certain disadvantages that would not be beneficial for you either. 

5. “If you are good at something, never do it for free”

It is not a secret that the economies of our Latin American countries are unstable and that they require certain measures in order to survive financially. 

Students are forced to have to contribute to household expenses. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of your skills. 

And if there is someone willing to pay you for something that is easy for you, why not take advantage of it?

I hope after reading you will be able to make a decision how to study and work as a freelancer.

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