11 Best Laptop for Blogging Carrier & Content Writer [2020] 

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I know you are here in search of the Best Laptop for Blogging, I was one of you when I started Blogging. Whether you are going to start Blogging as Part-time or even Full Time. 

The main things that impact Blogging careers are Knowledge and Laptop. Knowledge can be Gained but the second Important thing – LAPTOP Impacts a lot. 

If you seriously want to do blogging then you have to choose the best computers for bloggers that will help you in improving your productivity 10x.

You have to be choosy when selecting a Laptop for you because you are going to work on it for hours, and if you buy a Laptop which is not Comfortable to work on then you will face issues. 

So, to overcome the problem that I faced in past years

I’m here to help you to find the best laptop for bloggers.

I have sorted Best Laptops to work on – for Blogging. When I was selecting them, I had kept some important points in mind those were :

  • Better Cost:  I had Researched a Lot in finding the best Laptops at a Great Price and I found them. Some of them are high in cost but they Worth their Price.
  • Comfortable: The User has to be comfortable while using the laptop. It is important because you are going to spend hours working on it.
  • Light-Weight:  As you Know Blogging is a Business model in which you can work from any part of the World even when you are traveling.  So, by keeping that in mind you must take a Lightweight Laptop that you can take with you anywhere you go.
  • Attractive Design: The Laptop must have attractive Design so that you can take it everywhere you go without a Hassle.
  • Better Hardware: Ability to do Multiple Tasks can be only done in a Better Hardware Laptop which can work far better than a Cheap Laptop.
  • Better Performance: When you are Doing Work Online there are so many things that you do in a Single Bit of Time. So, the Device you use should give you a Peak Performance for performing tasks a Far better than Simple Laptops.
  • Great Customer Support: As you know everything that is made can get some problems with it, and overcome those problems Customer Support Help-lines are Created. So, no-one faces Problems and gets their Things Solved in a Bit of Time.

keeping all these things in Mind I have Created a List of 11 Laptops that Fits for the Newbie as well as Professional Bloggers.

Here are the Results for Best Laptop For Blogging

    1) TOSHIBA Tecra –  HD Business Laptop 

Best laptop for blogging

Overview:  Toshiba is a Trusted Company all around the Globe. Toshiba Tecra – HD Business Laptop Computer is one of it’s best Products ever released.

It comes with a Great sleek Design. As it is a Business laptop it has a High-Performance Score and it’ easy to carry because it has quite Lightweight. Specifications of Toshiba Tecra are Listed Below.

  • Display: HD 1366 x 768 LED backlight display
  • Screen Size: 15.6 Inch
  • Screen Resolution : 1366 x 768
  • Battery: 4400 mAh
  • Ram:  8 GB DDR4 
  • Hard Drive: 256GB M.2 SSD
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Generation: 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7500U
  • Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Weight: 6.24 pounds

Pros : 

Trusted Brand.

High Battery Running Time.

Fast Processing.

Cons :

Costly for Newbie 

2) Apple MacBook Air – Z0UU3LL

Overview:  Apple – The name is Enough. Every single Blogger wishes to own an Apple Mac-book Air. But for Newbie Bloggers, it may be costly.

Even some Bloggers can Afford it. sp, it’s in the List. Apple Macbook Air comes with a sleek design with a Royal Finishing. The most important thing that makes it different is it’s working and Load Capacity.

It can work for hours without being Lagged. Some Specifications of Macbook are Listed Below. 

  • Display  : (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen display
  • Screen Size: 13.3 Inch
  • Screen Resolution: 1440-by-900 resolution with support for millions of colors
  • Ram :  8GB 1600MHz LPDDR3 memory
  • Hard Drive: 128GB SSD storage
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 6000
  • Generation: 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7500U
  • Processor: 2.2GHz dual-core Intel Core i7
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Weight: 2.96 pounds (1.35 kg)

Pros : 

Completely Lag-Free Performance.

4K Ultra Hd Screen Quality.

Top Leading Brand.

Cons :

Very Costly.

Accessories and Services are also Costly.

3)  Dell Inspiron  

Overview: Dell is a World Famous Company for Producing Laptops. Dell Inspiron is 2 in 1 Convertible Laptop that Features Touch Screen. It can be Rotated to 360 Degree.

It has one of the best user experience with Power Packed Performance. As it is a Touch screen it looks stylish and it is quite easy to work on it. Some of the Specifications of this Product are Listed Below:

  • Processor 8th generation Intel Quad-Core i5-8265U – 1.6 GHz( up to 3.9 GHz)
  • RAM 12GB DDR4
  • Storage 256GB SSD
  • Graphics Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Display 15.6 inch full HD touchscreen display( 1920 x 1080 )
  • Battery Life Up to 10 hours
  • Weight 4.3 lbs

Pros : 

Cheap Price.

Touch Screen Enabled

High Battery Running Time.

Cons :

Not Much Efficient.

Heats with Time.

Check Price at Amazon

4) ASUS Chromebook Flip C213SA-YS02-S – with Stylus EMR Pen

Overview: ASUS is famous for Its High-End Gaming Performance. Basically it is an ideal laptop for Gamers but as everyone knows that gaming Laptops have high Specifications made for Quality Gaming Experience of User.

So, because of It’s high Working Capability Bloggers can take this laptop for Its Great Performance. Some of the Specifications of ASUS Chrome-book Flip are Listed Below :

  • Display: Touch –  LED-Backlit Touch Display
  • Screen Size: 11.6-inch
  • Screen Resolution : 1366 x 768 pixels
  • RAM:  4 GB LPDDR4 
  • Hard Drive: 32 GB Embedded MultiMediaCard
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Generation: Intel Core i5 8th Gen
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz Celeron N3350
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Weight: 2.7 pounds

Pros : 

God-Level Performance.

Much Efficient.

Fast Processing.

Cons :

Small Screen Size.

Battery Drains Fast.

5) Microsoft Surface (1st Gen) EUP-00001

Overview: Microsoft Products have a high cost but if it has a high cost we can’t deny it has a Level up Performance included in its products.

The same goes for this Laptop. It’s a Power-Packed Little Beast. Some useful stats of this laptop are listed below:

  • Processor Intel Core 8th Gen i5 processor(1.3 GHz)
  • RAM 8GB DDR3
  • Storage 128GB SSD
  • Graphics Intel UHD 620 graphics
  • Display 12.3 inches Pixel sense display (2736×1824)
  • Battery Life Up to 13 hours
  • Weight 3.2 lbs

Pros : 

Very Reliable.

Efficient to Work.

Great Reviews.

Cons :

Costly for Newbie.

Not the Latest Version.

6) Acer Aspire R 15 

Overview:  It may fit Perfectly in this List and comes out to be an Affordable Beast with great Design and Working capacity.

It is not so Expensive Like Macbook and also suits best for New Bloggers, who generally don’t have a high budget to invest.

It has Touch Display which makes it more convenient to use and If you are a Newbie Blogger you can go with this option as it is Affordable and has a sleek texture design.

  • Display:  Multi-touch widescreen LED-backlit IPS display
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Screen Resolution : 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • RAM:  12 GB DDR4
  • Hard Drive: Flash Memory Solid State.
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Generation: 7th Gen Intel Core i7
  • Processor: 4 GHz 8032
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Weight: 4.80 pounds

Pros : 

Multi-Touch Display.

Great Processing Power.

Cons :

Costly for Newbie.

Screen Resolution is Just OK.

7) ASUS ZenBook UX330UA-AH54

Overview: It is one of the Ultra Slim Laptops that are listed on this List. It is very Light Weight.

You can Freely Travel anywhere you like by keeping this laptop in your hands, literally it is too Light Weight.

It has a Finger Print Reader installed in it which makes it secure and also convenient to use.

  • Display:  Multi-touch widescreen LED-backlit IPS display
  • Screen Size: 13.3 inches
  • Screen Resolution : 1920×1080 pixels
  • RAM:  8 GB LPDDR3
  • Hard Drive: 256 GB Flash Memory Solid State
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Graphics Card Ram size:  2 GB
  • Generation: 8th Gen, Intel Core i5
  • Processor: 8265U GeForce MX 150
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Weight: 2.49 pounds or 1.13 Kg
  • Price:  $828.97

Pros : 

Lightweight Laptop.

Extra 2 Gb Graphics Card.

Fast Processing.

Cons :

Small Display.


8) HP 1BQ14UA

Overview: This laptop comes under the category of Blogging for its Big Screen and its Processing Power.

It is Ideal for Bloggers because with Big Screen there will be Low strain on Eyes. Also, it’s good to do Multi-Tasking or Multi-Processing as it is mainly designed for that. If you want a genuine Laptop with not a Hiked Price, You can go with it.

  • Display:  Multi-touch widescreen LED-backlit IPS display
  • Screen Size: 17.3 inches
  • Screen Resolution : 1600 x 900
  • RAM:  8 GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 128 GB DDR3
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Graphics Card Ram Size:  2 MB
  • Generation: 7th Gen, Intel Core i5
  • Processor: 7200U Processor (2.5 GHz, turbo boost up to 3.1 GHz, 3 MB cache)
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Weight: 2.49 pounds or 1.13 Kg

Pros : 

Multi-Touch Display.

Trusted Brand.

Light Weight Laptop.

Cons :

Screen Resolution is not the Best.

 9) HP Spectre x360

Overview: It is one of the most stylish Laptops. It has Gem- Cut chassis designed in a way that it Looks most stylish in this category.

This Laptop offers Multitasking with such ease that you can’t imagine. It is the newest model or called as latest Edition with 10th Generation.

You can Spend Hours on it without getting bored as it has an attractive design, which will make you engaged in it. Its Price is Bit High but if you don’t want to compromise with the quality it suits the best for Blogging.

  • Display:  4K IPS Micro Edge Bright View Ultra HD Display
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Screen Resolution : 1600 x 900
  • RAM:  16 GB DDR4
  • Hard Disk size: 512 GB
  • Graphics: Radeon™ RX Vega M Graphics (4GB dedicated memory)
  • Graphics Card Ram size:  4 GB
  • Generation: 10th-generation Intel Core i7
  • Processor: 7200U Processor (2.5 GHz, turbo boost up to 3.1 GHz, 3 MB cache)
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Weight: 2.49 pounds or 1.13 Kg

Pros : 

Ultra HD Display.

Great Screen Size.

10th Generation Laptop.

Great Performance.

Cons :

Very Costly. 

10) Dell XPS 15

Overview: It is a decent Looking Laptop which has some great features Like Fingerprint Sensor and 4k Ultra HD with vivid & Accurate colors.

If you are fond of gaming then this might be a better option for you. It supports Light gaming including all blogging needs. 

  • Display:  4K IPS Micro Edge Bright View Ultra HD Display
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Screen Resolution : 1920×1080
  • RAM:  16 GB DDR
  • Hard Disk size : 512 GB flash_memory_solid_state
  • Processor: 2.8 GHz
  • Graphics Coprocessor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
  • Generation: 8th-generation Intel Core i7
  • Processor: 7200U Processor (2.5 GHz, turbo boost up to 3.1 GHz, 3 MB cache)
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Weight: 4.41 pounds

Pros : 

Fingerprint Scanner for Security.

High Battery Running Time.

Ultra HD Screen Quality.

Fast Processing.

Multi-Tasking Enabled.

Cons :

Very Costly.

11) Acer Aspire 5 Slim

Overview. If you are looking for a budget Laptop and you really want to stick to that Budget then this might be the best option Available.

This is a very lightweight Laptop with Basic things that a laptop should Provide. If you are expecting so much from a budget laptop then you might be wrong.

But if You are Under-estimating this Laptop then you should check it’s 5 Star Reviews from the Link Below.

  • Display:  Full HD IPS Display
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Screen Resolution : 1920 x 1080
  • RAM:  4 GB DDR4
  • Hard Drive: 128 GB Flash Memory Solid State
  • Processor: 2.8 GHz
  • Graphics Coprocessor: AMD Radeon Vega 3
  • Generation: 8th-generation i5
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8265U                                                                                  
  • Processor Brand: AMD
  • Weight: 3.97 pounds

Pros : 

Cheap Price.

Great for Start.

HD IPS Display.

Cons :

Sometimes Heats when Overused.

Slow Processing.

These were the 11 Best Suited Laptops Dedicated to Bloggers. May your Blogging Life become Successful. I hope and expect that your query the best laptop for blogging is finished.

What kind of computer do I need for blogging?

1. TOSHIBA Tecra
2. Apple Mackbook Air
3. Dell Inspiron
4. ASUS Chromebook Flip

Are Chromebooks good for blogging?

Blogging on a Chromebook can be good idea as they have great features. Here I have three best chromebook for bloggers.
1. Acer Chromebook 15
2. Acer Chromebook 14
3. Acer Chromebook R11

Do I need a laptop for blogging?

Yes, definately you need a laptop if you want to do blogging. I think without a good laptop you can manage all your blogging related work.
Best Laptop For Bloggers in 2020 can be MackBook Air.

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