How to Make Money Online for Beginners 2022 [17 Legit Ways]

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Nowadays, there are many opportunities to make money online working from home. If you are good at something special or have some expertise, you can sell your service to employers all over the world.

Thanks to today’s technology, there are many opportunities to make extra money online and remotely.

Why not build your own business such as a blog or record fun or interesting movies to Youtube? 

Today, there are many ways to make extra money from their knowledge or interest. 

If you work hard, you can make a living online for what you are good at and interested in.

Why work extra from home and online?

There are many who want and can work online. A common denominator is probably the longing for freedom. 

In virtually all jobs available online, you can perform anywhere in the world, so all you need is a good internet connection. You can also do most jobs when it suits you in time.  

Some have a regular job and are looking for an extra income that they can create when and how it suits them. 

Others may want to travel a lot and finance it in whole or in part by working on any project online at the same time. 

A dream for many is to live freely and work when it suits them. Then a job online is a perfect solution. 

how to make money online for beginners

How to Make money online for beginners 17 Different Ways

There are many ways to make money online or in a location-independent manner. 

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Everything is not for everyone, but most can work with most things. 

To succeed with the various opportunities available to make money online, it is an advantage if you have a certain competence or an area you know a lot about. 

It will then be easier to produce interesting reading, listening or youtube movies. 

But don’t give up if you think you don’t have the special skills to make money online. 

What you don’t know, you can learn. If you try your way and don’t give up, you will surely find your niche!


Make Money Online through affiliate marketing and websites

An affiliate can be someone who runs a website, youtube channel or something else where it mediates visitors to an actor selling products or services. 

The person selling is in this context called an advertiser. 

Affiliate marketing (or affiliate marketing) means that you as an affiliate receive a commission on a product or service sold. 

You get the commission if a customer clicks on a special affiliate link that goes from, for example, your website to the advertiser selling the product and the customer buys it.  

Affiliate works through various channels, your website or blog, Instagram and Youtube etc. 

Basically anyone who runs anything online can become an affiliate.

  • Great opportunity to make a lot of money and generate a passive income
  • Relatively long starting distance for beginners

Many industries use affiliate marketing

Companies that want to advertise their products through other people’s websites usually do so through affiliate networks. 

This is where you who run a blog or Instagram account can find the advertisers you think fit your online business. 

The affiliate network then manages the administrative and pays your compensation to you. 

The compensation is based on how many clicks or purchases you have generated through your online business. 

In many industries such as online casinos or hotel bookings, affiliates are very common and competition is fierce. 

Try to find your own niche, in these areas or completely different. There is always room for unique content and new angles in all areas of interest. 

How Much Money Can You Make?

Affiliate is a large and growing industry. There are listed affiliate companies that sell hutless amounts of money. 

It is an open and interesting industry because almost everyone has a chance to be involved. 

Even if your blog or website is small, you have the opportunity for a little extra income through affiliate, without too much extra effort. 

If you want to earn extra, it is an excellent online business that can be run alongside a regular job. 

If you are long-term and willing to work hard, it is entirely possible to build an affiliate-based business that you can feed on.

How to make money?

Affiliate marketing is about helping you convey customers to another Internet business. 

It can be e-merchants, online casinos or hotel booking sites. You get a commission for every item or service you sell. 

Usually, it is an affiliate network that mediates the contact between you and the company to which you mediate customers. 

The affiliate network will also pass on the commission to you. 

In order for someone to click on an affiliate link on your blog or website, they must first find you. 

A great way to find readers is interesting and unique content for your niche. But it is also good if you know basic SEO, that is how you get more visitors to your site. 

To be as successful as possible, the products you promote as an affiliate should be of interest to the visitors who are attracted to the content of your website.

How do I get started?

Think about a topic or area you are particularly interested in. Maybe some sports, favorite destinations or other hobbies. Start rewriting it as a blog or documenting it in an instagram account. 

When you see that you are starting to attract readers or followers, it is time to look at any suitable affiliate collaboration. 

There are several different networks that offer different collaborations (read more in the next section). 

Find something that you think suits your followers well and that you can stand for. 

Starting up a simple affiliate business is not technically particularly difficult. But as it grows, you must learn to scale up the business.


Make money on your blog

Do you enjoy writing? Do you want to share your everyday life or have a great interest in a particular area? 

A well-written and engaging blog is always interesting and has great opportunities to become popular. 

If you want to make money on your blog there are several ways. Affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, ads on your website and adsense are some of the most popular ways. 

No matter what form you want to run your online business, it is important to think in new ways how to make money from it. 

Can you create any extras that you sell as an e-book? Can you arrange courses? Freelance as an expert in magazines, then maybe you can simultaneously market your blog?

  • Great opportunity to make money from something you are interested in
  • Relatively long starting distance for beginners
How Much Money Can You Make?

There are those who make big money on their blog. One such example is Isabella Löwengrip or Blondinbella that many people know her as. 

If you run a blog with a loyal following, you have the opportunity to make money from it. 

If you work with it long-term, you will also be able to increase both the number of followers and revenue. 

Think about what your goals are with your blog and how you can get there. If you want to make money on your blog, you have to think about business and long-term.

Being able to get a good extra income through their blog is a good start. Providing for it is not impossible even if few are spoiled.

How to make money?

There are many ways to make money on your blog. Working with affiliate marketing or sponsored articles are two of the most common ways. 

Other ways are to sell ads on your blog or work with Google Adsense

Blogs give many companies a new opportunity to reach their customers. One way for them to do that is to buy a specially written post from the blog. 

It looks like a regular blog post but the content is advertising for a particular company or product. 

It is important that the products or services you promote in this way are the ones you can stand for, even if you have not been paid to say so. 

Other ways to make money on your blog can be adsense advertising or some other form of advertising. Adsense is Google’s network for advertising on websites. 

But you can also link an e-commerce site to your blog and sell your own products through it. You can write as an expert in your field in any newspaper, give lectures or hold courses. 


Sell ​​your photos and pictures

Today, thanks to the camera in the mobile phone, everyone is a photographer. 

It is probably never taken as many pictures as it is done today. Still, you can sell your pictures and offer photography services.

There are several different image services on the internet that you can use to convey your images. 

Those who buy them use them in blogs, brochures or anything else that needs to be illustrated. The competition to sell images is fierce. 

Your images must be technically perfect or unique. But today you do not need expensive equipment to take those pictures. 

A good photographer creates them anyway.

  • Relatively easy to get started
  • Probably hard to stand out among the crowd of talented photographers
How Much Money Can You Make?

Like many other things about content, it has to be niche and unique. Large sums have been paid for unique images. 

But, waiting for it to happen, it is good to create a plan with what kind of pictures you want to take, who you are targeting and how you want to sell them. 

Then there are good opportunities for a good income on your pictures if you are good and unique.

How to make money?

A common way is to have one of the image transfer services available on the internet sell the images to you. But there are more ways. 

If you are interested and knowledgeable in photography, you can apply for a job as a freelance photographer. 

It can be anything from weddings to any newspaper wanting help to photograph something special. 

There are many who want to learn how to photograph, why not start a course? Why not take a photo education online to reach a wider audience?


Make Money On Youtube

Youtube has developed into the leading platform for various forms of videos and mobile content. 

Here everything from private films to more professional productions is put up. Youtube offers great opportunities for those who want to create any kind of content in mobile format. 

Remember that if you do it in English, the whole world is open to you. 

On Youtube, you can make money through Youtube’s own content creator compensation program. 

It is based on various parameters, but an important part is that you get the benefit from the advertising revenue Youtube creates. 

You can also make money from sponsored posts, collaborations or affiliates.

  • Great opportunity to make money from something you are interested in
  • Long start distance for beginners if you do not have followers from another platform
How Much Money Can You Make?

The most popular channels on Youtube are real stars. They reach larger audiences worldwide than via television or otherwise. 

But the competition is fierce, if you want to make money on Youtube you have to have unique and quality content that attracts a large audience. 

It takes time to build a loyal following. Therefore, you need a long-term plan for your YouTube channel. 

Add an analysis of your competitors to your plan. How should you do to become an important channel in your subject area? 

What can you add and what can you do differently and better?

How to make money?

To make money on Youtube, you need to attract viewers and subscribers to your channel. The competition is great but there is always room for new unique content with good quality. 

Keep in mind that the entire world will be your market if you produce your YouTube channel in English. 

There are several ways to make money on Youtube. The most common is via Youtube’s own program for compensation for content creators. 

You can also do this through sponsored sections or various forms of collaboration. But you can also make money through Affiliate on Youtube. 

It is important to try to find new ways to make money from the followers and the brand you are building. 

Think again and broadly what you can do to grow your online business!

How do I get started?

Technology for recording and editing movies to Youtube is relatively cheap and simple today. 

But it is important that you know the technology and produces the best quality possible. Think of details such as the sound. 

The most important thing is that you have a good idea of ​​what you want to do on your YouTube channel. 

Film and motion pictures create completely different possibilities than, say, a blog. If you want to make money on your YouTube channel, you must have an idea that is possible to develop and produce new content for a long time. Learn more at


Make money on a podcast

A fairly new phenomenon that is growing very fast is the podcast. It is a form of recorded radio program, which you can listen to whenever you want. 

The most common thing is that you find podcasts on one of the major online platforms that distribute them. But there are also podcasts located on a regular website.

  • Work and learn more about a topic that interests you
  • Long start distance if you do not have followers from previous platform
How Much Money Can You Make?

New technology has opened up untold opportunities for many people to make money from their interest or something they know a lot about. 

If you produce in English, the whole world is open to you. 

Keep in mind that it’s not just the biggest podcast with the most listeners making money. 

If you are skilled in a particular subject or have a specific niche, you can create a loyal following that is interesting for many companies and that you can make money from.

How to make money?

The most common way to make money on its podcast is through various companies sponsoring it. But you can find more ways. 

Maybe you can summarize your podcast in a book? Follow up with a blog or lectures? 

It is also possible to make money through affiliate on a podcast.

How do I get started?

Do you have a good idea for a podcast? Do you think it holds to fill many sections? 

Then you just have to get the appropriate equipment to record. 

Alternatively, try to find a studio where you live where you can record your podcast. 

Think of things like the sound to be good, it should be easy to hear what you and your guests are saying. 

A recording must also be cut so that extraneous items do not appear in the podcast. 

The best way to distribute their podcast is to do so through one of the online distributors. Compare them and check out their terms!


Make money as a freelance writer

Do you like to write? There are plenty of websites, magazines and magazines that are looking for new and unique content. 

Do you have a special niche or interest? It helps you find clients.

  • Very easy to get started and start making money
  • No leverage is available, you have to work for every penny
How Much Money Can You Make?

There are some niches where good writers make a lot of money. One such example is copywriting, ie writing for advertising. 

But in other areas, it is possible to both provide for themselves and to earn well. It is important to be specialized, maybe you are very skilled in a certain area? 

Unlike running your own YouTube channel or blog, you write to an employer who pays for what you write. 

Do your texts attract many readers? Then you can more easily negotiate with your client about your fees.

How to make money?

Some freelance writers get paid per word, others per article or project. Try to find the shape that suits you best. 

You want both the security of knowing what your income will be but also the freedom. It is safe to have one or more clients that you know regularly give you assignments. 

You either write your texts on behalf of your employer or you can write texts that you then sell to suitable newspapers or websites.

How do I get started?

Technically, being a freelance writer is easy. A simple computer with word processing software is all you need. 

You do not need to buy a word processing program. Google Docs or other free online programs work great. 

There are agencies that provide jobs for freelance writers. A couple of these are:


Make money on Instagram

One of the big fashion words of recent years is influencers. Most influencers have made their career on Instagram. 

The idea may go first to young girls who advertise clothing or other fashion items. 

But you can be an influencer in many other areas and you can make money on Instagram in many different ways.

  • Many companies pay large sums for advertising if you have many followers
  • Probably long start distance before you have many followers
How Much Money Can You Make?

There are undoubtedly Instagram stars who have made huge money. But there are also many who can get a good extra income through Instagram. 

It’s important to find your niche, be long-term when building your Instagram account. Good quality and unique content is important. 

Instagram is a channel where your followers easily connect with you by commenting on your posts. 

Answering their questions or liking their comments makes those who follow you feel well-informed.

How to make money?

The most common way to make money on Instagram is through sponsored posts or advertising collaborations. You can also make money on affiliate through Instagram. 

As with other online businesses, it’s important that you think of new ways to make money from your Instagram account.

How do I get started?

Actually, you have your most important work tool in your pocket, your mobile phone. But it is important that you take good pictures. 

Maybe you need a better camera? It also doesn’t have to be photos you present on Instagram. Many convey their message in some form of graphics. 

Instagram has been developed and now offers both an opportunity to broadcast short video clips called Stories and longer called IGTV. 

The most important thing is that you have a good plan for what you want your Instagram account to be about and build it long-term. Read more on


Make money through Fiverr or Upwork

There are two major international sites that mediate freelance jobs, and Almost all the jobs they convey are in English or other languages. 

If you have extensive knowledge and are skilled in specific areas such as programming, coding, design or similar, you have good opportunities to get a job. 

But your imagination sets the boundaries. What can you offer for services demanded by others?

  • Very easy to get started and start making money
  • No leverage is available, you have to work for every penny
How Much Money Can You Make?

If you are good at something that is especially demanded by companies, you have good opportunities for a good supply of jobs found at and 

But is it also wrong with a good extra income if you get to work with something you think is fun and good at?

How to make money?

You make money on the assignments you perform. Different types of assignments can be priced in different ways. 

For example, a text to be translated can be paid per word while another project is charged with a lump sum or per hour.

How do I get started?

What do you want and can you work with? How much do you want to work? Are you ready to start immediately? 

Browse and There you can both create a profile that shows what you can offer and apply for a freelance job.


Make money through P2P loans

Do you have money in a bank account with little or no interest? Then one way to earn extra is to get a return on them. 

One way is P2P loans. It is a variant of loans where private individuals lend to other private individuals via internet-based loan platforms.

  • Automated and passive income
  • The return is usually around 6-8% per year and you need capital to invest
How Much Money Can You Make?

You make money on the interest on the money you lend. The interest rate you earn is significantly higher than you get in a regular bank account. Keep in mind that the risk is also higher.

How to make money?

You make money on the interest those who borrow money from you pay. Keep in mind that there is also a risk that they will not be able to repay. 

The P2P companies distribute your money among different borrowers to reduce the risk to you.


Make money through savings

One of the best ways to make extra money is to get a return on the capital you have today. 

Instead of leaving it in your payroll or other low-interest bank account, look for a better account.

  • Simple return on your capital
  • Very limited how much money you can make
How Much Money Can You Make?

There are high-interest accounts with significantly better interest rates than a regular bank account. 

How much risk do you want to take? Keep in mind that the more interest you receive, the higher the risk your savings will have. 

One way to reduce the risk, but also to greatly reduce the risk, is to save in accounts with a state deposit guarantee.

How to make money?

The money you earn is the interest you receive for placing your money in an account. There are many different variants. 

For example, some offer higher interest rates if you lock in the money for a certain amount of time.


Make money through shares

There are several ways to make money on shares. First and foremost, it is by far the best form of savings for private individuals. 

By investing in good shares in the long term, you will get good returns on your money over time.

Most of you who read my blog know that stocks are one of my favorite ways to make money. I have invested large parts of my total capital in equities and funds.

  • Can be semi-automated and passive income
  • You need capital to invest
How Much Money Can You Make?

Shares are one of the best ways to manage their money. One of the world’s richest people, Warren Buffet, has become just that by consistently buying shares in profitable companies with a good business idea. He has not been able to trade in shares in the short term. 

Instead, Warren Buffet has taken advantage of the so-called interest-on-interest effect and consistently reinvested profits and dividends. 

It is important that you have a good and well thought out strategy when you trade or invest in shares. What are you going to buy? 

How do you do if the course goes down or up a lot? When are you going to sell? 

Having a good strategy for minimizing losses is important, especially if you are trading shares in the short term. 

Regardless of which strategy you use, stocks are one of the best ways for most people to get a good return on their money. 

Today, the stock market is easily accessible through established online brokers. It is easy to trade in many stock markets around the world, not just the Swedish one.

How to make money?

The money you earn on shares comes primarily from the profit you get when you sell shares more expensive than you bought them. 

If you invest long-term, you will also receive a dividend from the companies. In this case, there are, among other things, dividend shares that distribute extra money.

I have also collected several of my most popular articles below that you can use as inspiration:


Make money through funds

If you want to get a good return on your money but do not have the time or interest to invest directly in shares, mutual funds are a good alternative. 

You may also want to invest in markets that are otherwise difficult to reach for private individuals.

  • Automate your savings and investments and get a return on your capital
  • You need capital to generate a decent return
How Much Money Can You Make?

Funds can sound like a boring investment. But there are many funds that invest in markets with the potential for good returns. 

Keep in mind that risk is related to the potential for good returns.

How to make money?

You make money on mutual funds when their value goes up. Then you sell your funds at a higher price than what you bought them for.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started with investing in mutual funds is by opening an account with one of the major online brokers.

Do you know what kind of funds you want to invest in? If not, the established online brokers have good guides and tools to help you find good funds to suit your circumstances and desires.


Make money by translating texts

Are you really good in several languages? Then there is an opportunity for you to work on translating texts. 

It can be business communication, websites, instructional books or regular books.

  • Easy to get started and make money from the start
  • Limited how much money you can make – you have to work for every penny
How Much Money Can You Make?

As with all jobs, it is important to show how good you are and that you can do a good job. 

It is quite possible to be able to support himself and more so as a good translator.

How to make money?

There are different ways of working as a translator. Some work as a freelance and get paid per word or project. 

Others are affiliated with translation agencies.

How do I get started?

What do you want to translate? What languages ​​do you speak? The easiest thing is to start looking for suitable freelance jobs for you. 

Maybe you can tie up some customers for long-term collaboration? Here are two platforms you can start looking at:

4 ways to make money from home in 2022

There are simple and different ways to make some extra money. These are flexible assignments so you can perform them at your convenience.


Make money by testing products

Do you think it is fun to test new products and give a review what you think about them? 

There are services on the internet that mediate that kind of mission. You get a compensation per tested product and you may also keep it. 

You often need a platform with followers to get paid by companies when you do a review. 

It can be anything from a blog, an Instagram account or a Youtube account.

  • Can be a fun way to make extra money
  • It can be difficult to get started before you have many followers


Make money through surveys

Many companies want to know more about you as a consumer. 

They then conduct market surveys through various companies that carry them out. 

Some of them pay for you to answer, either with money or gift cards. The surveys are anonymous and you decide which ones you want to join.

  • Easy way to earn smaller sums from home
  • Hard to do on a large scale


Make money by becoming a product tester

If you are interested in and knowledgeable in programming and web design, testing of websites and software may be for you. 

Companies want their products to be as user-friendly as possible and flawless.  

Therefore, they hire freelancers to test their websites and software to detect errors or make them more consumer friendly.

  • Easy way to earn smaller sums from home
  • Hard to do on a large scale


Make money from online marketplaces

Do you have any special talent or knowledge? Why not create a profile on or where you show what you offer? 

You can also search among the companies that are looking for freelancers if there are assignments that suit you.

  • Easy to get started
  • You need to work for every penny


This is how you can make money quickly

Need to make money quickly? There are various options that may suit you, maybe it can also be a long-term way to strengthen your finances?

  • Easy to get started and make money from the start
  • Limited how much money you can make – you have to work for every penny

Drive a car with Über

New technology has created many new services and opportunities. One such is driving a car for Uber. 

It works like a taxi. Passengers book a trip through their app and you will be notified when you have a drive.

Rent your home with AirBnB

A smart way to make extra money is to rent out all or part of your home. You can rent out the entire property during the holiday, for example, it can be a good way to finance your own vacation. 

If you have a room or guest house, you can rent it to a student or someone who works temporarily in your place. 

A good service to rent out your home is AirBNB, then it is also easier for people from other countries to find your home.

Sell ​​your unnecessary gadgets online

Do you have things you don’t use? Advertise them on the Block or any of the other used sites available. 

The money you get makes great use in your finances and you free up space at home. 

Don’t wait too long to sell a gadget. Do you feel that it is not for you then sell as soon as possible as the model is still well known and sought after by other consumers?

How to get rich?

In fact, it is quite easy to get rich. You have to make more money than you spend. The money that gets over you invests wisely. 

You need to invest money to grow your capital, but you do not want to take unnecessary risks. 

If you want to get rich faster, you must increase your income, reduce your expenses and invest your money better.

There are several ways to increase your income. If you build up income through affiliate it will make money even when you are doing something else. 

Do you have a good business idea? Why not start a business, you will be successful you can have employees working for you.

Keep costs down

It is important that you keep your costs down. If you want to get rich in the sense that you can do things you really want to do or even stop working, you have to prioritize unnecessary costs. 

Only you know what costs are worth instead of building up your wealth. 

It is important that you invest your money wisely. You want a good return on your capital. Profits and dividends are invested according to the fantastic interest-on-interest effect. Your capital should always work for you.

Get a return on the money you earn

Are you skeptical that it can get rich? The world’s richest person, Warren Buffet, has become it by having low costs and consistently investing money in good companies and reinvesting dividends and profits. 

Of course, it is not a realistic goal for most to become so rich. But it shows that by managing their finances wisely, you can create good conditions for yourself.

  • Cut down on expenses and costs
  • Make extra money through eg the tips in this article
  • Put the money into work (invest) so that they grow through returns

Retire early through FIRE

Many people have a dream of dropping out of everyday life with jobs, times of care and commuting. 

By living financially for a number of years, they can save and invest money that they later live on for the rest of their lives. 

The phenomenon is called FIRE, Financial Independence and Retiring Eearly in Swedish financial independence for early retirement. 

It is not impossible for most people, but requires both sacrifice and planning.

  • Make a lot of money your first years so you can retire early
  • Create passive income
  • Take time to enjoy life instead of being forced to go to work

What does FIRE (Financial Independence and Retiring Early) mean?

For most people, FIRE or retiring early is a lifelong decision. You have to live frugally for a long time and invest your money with the best possible return. 

There are different ways to calculate how much capital you need to save before you can retire. 

There are those who build a portfolio of shares that are considered good from a dividend point of view. Their goal is to be able to live on the dividends in the future.

The 4% rule

Another common way to calculate how much capital you need to retire early is the so-called 4% rule. 

It means that you withdraw 4% of your capital each year to live on. 

Thus, 4% of your capital must cover your costs for one year. 

It is important that you have a realistic budget for your expenses and that your investments are long-term and with good risk spread.

FIRE means a whole new lifestyle for most people

Planning early retirement is a form of lifestyle. Both when you work and earn money and when you have taken early retirement, you have to think financially and live by the conditions you have. 

Retiring early does not only affect yourself. If you want to live financially and save as much money as you can, it means you have to say no to fun things like dinner at the pub with friends or a spontaneous weekend trip. 

On the day you quit work you also do not have the social part that a job also entails.

Start by cutting spending

No matter how you intend to live your life, a good economy is necessary. 

You can make more money than your regular salary and you can invest your money wisely so that they give good returns. 

But the most important and easiest to influence for a better economy is your spending. What is unnecessary? 

What can you save on? Surely it is fun having an afterwork, or hanging out with your workmates at a lunch in town? 

But every expense must be set against building a better economy for the future or spending the money on something you think is really fun and important. 

Analyze your spending and make a budget. Only you can decide which expenses are important to you. 

If you follow your budget you will have the opportunity to realize many of your goals and dreams that you really want to do.

So these were 17 ways to make money online in 2022.

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