10 Quick ways to make extra money in your spare time

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If you don’t want to quit your job, if you want to buy your apartment, pay your car fee, or save to buy what you love so much, these ideas to earn extra money in your free time will be of great help.

Regardless of your reason for earning extra money, you must start from the fact that if you want to learn how to be a millionaire, your salary should not be your only source of income. 

You must have multiple sources of income. And today I am going to show you some of the best ways to make extra money in your free time.

Ways to make extra money in your free time

Quick ways to make extra money

In case you are thinking that you do not have time but if you organize your time well, there are many alternatives not only to earn extra money in your free time but also to be more organized and become more productive.

Here we present a series of practical alternatives, which require little investment (in some cases, you do not need) and that will allow you to earn extra money in your free time.

You will find different ways to earn money online until you use your nights to solve the needs of your community.

The key is that you change your mindset compared to the time you have available, many times we think that we are very busy, or that we do not have enough time when reality shows us that we are wasting time on activities that do not add value to your life.

1. Earn extra money with paid surveys:

Paid surveys have become a very interesting alternative to earn extra money in your free time.

All you need is a computer with an Internet connection, and dedicate part of your free time to filling out paid surveys related to different topics or products.

Some of the websites to fill out paid surveys pay you with gift cards points to redeem, money in Paypal, and even with cash. 

The key is to do as many surveys as possible since the payment for each one is usually low.

Here are some platforms to earn money with surveys paid according to your country. The idea is that you sign up and start filling out surveys, you can sign up for several in your same country.

Here we leave you a list of platforms to start:

  • – InboxDollars
  • – Lifepoints
  • – Vindale Research
  • – Surveyeah
  • – Ipsos
  • – Pinecone Research


This platform goes beyond surveys, TimeBucks is a rewards site that pays you to watch videos, watch fun slideshows, install applications, follow people on Instagram, among others.

You can live anywhere in the world to earn money with Timebucks.

2. Sell your photos in image banks:

This is a great idea to earn extra money in your free time if you like taking pictures, you are an amateur and you understand glasses, shots, panoramas and others.

What does it consist of? You can sell your artwork to image stock sites that will pay you as a percentage of sales. 

For example, you can become a contributor to Shutterstock.

3. Drive with Uber:

In case you have a vehicle, an excellent alternative to earn extra money in your free time is driving with Uber.

You can drive with Uber before and after your workday. You can also do this during your lunch hours and weekends.

4. Become an Airbnb host:

Is it possible to earn money without working? Yes, and an example of this is Airbnb that you don’t need to be present to earn extra money.

If you live in an apartment and have a room available you can rent it to visitors and tourists, you can register as a host on Airbnb and publish those spaces that you do not use so that people stay there.

Depending on where you live, you can earn a good amount of money with the people who stay there, and the best thing is that you establish the conditions, the price, and the criteria for your place.

5. Sell what you no longer use in OLX

Surely you have things that you no longer use and that the only thing they do in your house is accumulate dust and hinder.

You don’t want to give it away because you feel that this is a way to learn how to invest your money, but you also don’t know where or to whom to sell it.

This is the purpose of OLX, a platform whose value sums up this problem quite well: «Another has it. Another wants it.

What you no longer use, sell it. All you need is time to take some photos, put your contact information, and share your offer.

This is something you can do on your nights or weekends and it will solve your problem of how to make extra money in your free time.

6. Offer your services on Fiverr:

You can offer your talent, knowledge, or experience on  Fiverr. If you are good at designing, digital marketing, programming, or in any category, you can offer your service and earn extra money in free time with this online job.

There are independent workers who live through these platforms. This is why if you have a specific skill, you can offer it on Fiverr.

There are other platforms like Freelancer and Workana.

We have created a guide explaining how to become a freelancer in a few simple steps and start generating income with your freelance work.

7. Create a course on Udemy

Do you have a piece of unique knowledge, experience, or skill? It is easy for you to explain, do you have a methodology or way of doing things different from the rest?

In your free time, and working from home, you can earn extra money by creating a virtual course.

Udemy’s top 10 instructors have billed more than $ 10 million, selling their courses to more than 12 million students in 190 countries.

8. Earn extra money in your free time taking dogs for a walk

You don’t need any investment. Perhaps the only thing you have to do is send some business cards, a shirt that identifies you and find your first customers.

It is something you can do in your spare time to earn extra money. In addition to exercising and meeting new people.

9. Write an ebook and sell it on Amazon:

Something similar to digital courses and the provision of services through Fiverr, you can put all your knowledge in a digital book (ebook) and sell it in the largest online store on the planet.

During the nights and weekends you can advance your book, once you have it ready you can go to Fiverr, where a freelance will design your book cover for 5 dollars

Remember that Amazon keeps 30% of the profits, so you must define a price that is interesting for your reader and that leaves you a good profit.

When you have your product ready and you start selling it, two things will happen:

  • You will begin to generate passive income, that is, earn money without you working.
  • You will be taking the initial steps to build your financial independence, as the money will be working for you.

10. Sell your manual products on Etsy

If you like crafts, you have the ability to make products by hand, you can sell your crafts on Etsy.

From bracelets to the finest and most detailed products, you can generate income in your spare time.

Etsy is an interesting platform to generate interesting income from your love of crafts. If you have talent, this could turn into a very profitable work from home.

Also known as affiliate marketing, this consists of recommending those digital or physical products that you use and receiving a commission for each sale you make.

You can do it with AmazoneBayClickBankLinio, among others. Basically, when your family or friends want to buy something online, you can ask them for the favor so they can use your link.

What’s more, you can learn how to create a blog, start your digital community, and recommend those products that you use the most.

In short, if you are thinking about how to earn extra money in your free time, these fairly inexpensive alternatives will be a good start.

It all depends on your attitude and willingness to offer your services, products, or knowledge.

These were the 10 ways to make extra money, which can help you generate income more quickly.

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